FTO How-Tos

The list below is a collection of ‘how tos’ I have collected over time. Use these at your own risk! I accept no responsibility if you break something as a result of following these guides..

Rattly Windows Guide

How To Upgrade Your Sidelights

How To upgrade your battery

How To replace your Lambda sensor

How To make a GPX Tapper Tool

How To remove the boot lid

How To remove the front bumper

How To remove the rear spoiler

How To replace the lower pulley

How To replace the stereo

How To reset the ECU

How To Solve idling problems

How To repair damaged body panels

How To: Aero Catch Fitment guide

How To replace the aircon pulley

How To change brake pads

How To change the front ARB bushes

How To change the front drop links

How To change your side repeators (indicators)

How To change your sparkplugs

How To de-mist the front sidelights

How To de-mist the headlights

How To fix the rattle on the drivers side

How To adjust the fan belt

How To fit and aftermarket tiptronic gear shift

How To fit a Type-F gear shift

How To fit a fire extinguisher

How To fit a front strut brace

How To fit an aftermarket air intake (GPX)

How To fit an aftermarket air intake (GR)

How To fit a rear strut brace

How To fit a slam panel fan shroud

How To fit an aluminium gear surround

How To fit headlight eyebrows

How To fit oil temp and pressure gauges

How To fit Suspension springs

How To paint front brake calipers

How To remove the front bumper

FTO Servicing information

FTO Specifications

How To Handbrake Indiacter Solanoid Cleaning

How To change the oil

How To build angel eyes

How To change the Alternator and power steering belts

How To change rack steering gaiters

How To change the colour of the interior switches

How To change the starter motor

How To repair your starter motor

How To connect the folding mirrors to the central locking system

How To fit keyless entry

How To fit dynamat in your doors

How To fit leatherette to doorcards

Apexi Neo installation manual

Apexi neo wiring instructions

Fitting an Apexi Neo AFC

FTO Data system

FTO Colours and paint codes

How To fit a pivot starter button

How To bypass the autolcok alarm function

How To fix the flashing ‘N’

How To do an oil change on a GS

How To fit shock absorbers

How To refurbish your alloys

How To remove stickers

How To repair peeling headlights

How To underseal your car

How To remove interior airvents 

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