Welcome to the Deviousweb –  This is my personal brain dump, covering IoT, Automation, Office 365, Azure AD, Intune and webhosting.

A little about me:

My first exposure to computers was a Commodore PET we had at school, I was serving detention at the time for an amusing incident involving a dropped coke can, the Head Master and a poorly judged opening of said can… It was also the date of the very first Space Shuttle launch on 12th April 1981


This gave me a grounding in the BASIC programming language and a thirst for knowledge. In the same year, Acorn released the BBC Microcomputer and I spent many, many hours programming this machine and going into Dixons to play tricks on the staff who at the time were so computer illiterate it was almost embarrassing.


From there I progressed through various platforms – The ZX81, C64, Amstrad CPC464 , Dragon, Spectrum, Sharp MZ80, then leaping onto the Atari ST and the Commodore Amiga, of which I owned every variant except the 2000, running a BBS from the cupboard under the stairs and acting as the East Midlands FIDONET email hub. I flirted briefly with running a Public Domain Library and releasing my own software for  Amiga BBS systems. Following this I moved on to the Intel Platform with an Amstrad PC1640, learning Pascal and ANSI C, before moving into a support role with Perot Systems. This saw me traveling a great deal working for many clients such as Bank of Ireland, East Midlands Electricity, Quintiles, and Innovex. I left there in 2005 to work for a St Neots based company MASS, working on various projects for the Military and BSF which saw a complete IT fit out of various schools and UTCs, and then on to a role as an Infrastructure Design Authority for CGI. I have also worked with Serco as a Solution Architect. Recently, I have attained Togaf Certified status.

As well as TOGAF, I hold ITIL and several Microsoft Qualifications and have been a register MCP/MCSE since 1998.

My interests have always had a heavy bias towards computing and I enjoying playing with bleeding edge tech, whether it be the latest beta or some edgy hardware, and champion the uptake of emerging technology where I see a benefit to our business. My current focus is on leveraging AI for my customers, expect to see some blog posts on that in the near future!

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