Stargate Atlantis inspired Light Switch for Hue Lights!

In a previous post I made a Stargate Atlantis themed light switch, with a proximity sensor to turn lights on and off. Whilst this is pretty cool, it effectively renders my smart bulbs useless when off, so I decided to redo the project. This time I have made use of a gesture sensor, raspberry pi, … Read more

Access your Pi from windows with a graphical interface?


Want a remote desktop type experience on your PI? Read on.. Start by visiting and downloading MobaXterm Start MobaXterm: Click on the ‘Session’ icon in the tool bar Choose SSH: Note the settings below,  I have unticked Prompt for login at each connection and make sure the x-11 forwarding option is TICKED! This will … Read more

Raspberry Pi – as a web server Part 2 (PHP)

The first part of this mini series covered installing Apache on the Raspberry Pi, you should have a web server installed as a pre-requisite before installing PHP. Install Apache Install PHP Install MYSQL Install PHP My Admin Firstly, launch LXTerminal on the Raspberry Pi or SSH into it. Next, we want elevated priveleges, so: sudo … Read more

Raspberry Pi – as a web server Part 3 (My SQL)

If you are here looking to install a MySQL server on your Raspberry Pi, I’m going to assume that you have PHP, Apache and (optionally) SSH access already set up, if you don’t you can follow these tutorials first: Install Apache Install PHP Install MYSQL Install PHP My Admin As always, we start with a … Read more

Raspberry Pi – Expanding DEBIAN to fill your SD Card

Here is how to utilise the full capacity of your Raspberry Pi’s SD card after installing the Debian image which gives a 2GB root partition: Step 1: Run fdisk as sudo sudo fdisk -cu /dev/mmcblk0 Step 2: enter p to view the current partition table: Commands (m for help): p Device        Boot  Start   End     Blocks … Read more

Raspberry Pi – Media Centre

Today I will be looking at how to use your RaspberryPi as a Media Centre. At the time of writing, you have two serious choices – OpenElec and Raspbmc. Personally, I preffer Raspbmc, I find it faster and more stable. They both run XBMC, the open source media centre Instructions for RaspBMC: Visit to download … Read more