Raspberry Pi – as a web server Part 4 (PHP My Admin)


This is the 4th part of my mini series on how to set up a web server on your Raspberry Pi, so far we have covered:

Raspberry Pi as a web server Part 1 (Apache)

Raspberry Pi as a web server Part 2 (PHP)

Raspberry Pi as a web server Part 3 (My SQL)


Assuming you have followed the above, installing PHPMYADMIN would be pretty useful, so as always, lets open a terminal window and enter:

sudo bash

Now we can install phpmyadmin:

apt-get install php5-mysql phpmyadmin

after a short while, the installer will run and we have a few questions to answer..

press the spacebar to select the web server you wish to use then press enter..

after another short wait, we get:

(n.b. occasionally, you will get this screen first…)


Hit enter


Now the installation will continue and you’ll be asked for a password, this is the password you set when you installed MySQL, enter that and hit return.

Next you will be able to set passwords for your phpMyAdmin, you will get two prompts, the first to create a password, and the second to confirm it..


Once done, the install should now complete.

Now we need to edit your php.ini file to include phpMyAdmin, to do this type

nano /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

And then about two thirds of the way down the page (around line 841 in my php.ini – tip, press {code lang:css showtitle:false lines:false hidden:false}CTRL SHIFT _{/code} to go to a specific line number, note the underscore here) with the rest of the extensions, copy and paste


then press CTRL and o then ENTER to write the file out and ctrl and x to quit



Now you’ll be able to navigate to http://your-rpi-ip/phpmyadmin or directly, on your pi http://localhost/phpmyadmin

to log in, enter root as the user and the password you chose above.



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