Get Computer Name from Azure Device ID

We have multiple RRAS servers, and occasionally, I need to locate which one a client is connected to for troubleshooting. Now the RRAS console has some inconsistencies, sometimes it displays the computer name, sometime the Azure Device ID (Not the object ID) The Microsoft Docs on the Get-AzureADDevice is woefully incomplete, and it took me … Read more

Domain Replication Health

I have been doing a fair amount of work upgrading/removing/building domain controllers for a client, and wanted an easy way to check replication health and topology, and came up with this script. It has a GUI and allows for export of results to CSV This requires powershell remoting to be enabled, and a powershell version … Read more

PowerShell Script to check if certain Azure AD users are in certain Azure AD groups

A bit of a mouthful that heading! Basically, we use Azure AD groups to manage certain aspects of our MEM deployment. The script requires the AzureAD module (It will check for and prompt you to install it if you run the script as Admin) and a csv file with the users UPNs in a column … Read more

Log On hours with powershell

We had a requirement recently to set logon hours for a specific set of users. To achieve this, we set up one user through the AD User and computers snap-in: Simply run the script, input the username of the user you have already configured logon hours for, then when prompted, enter the group name you … Read more

AWS Workspaces – Clean up orphaned Managed AD objects

If you manage a large number of AWS workspaces, chances are you will end up with orphaned computer AD objects cluttering up your domain. This script pulls a list of workspaces, compares it to the list of machines in AWS managed AD and removes any AD computer object without a corresponding workspace. This script requires … Read more

Tidy up Always on VPN Connections

We recently moved from a test to live implementation of Always on VPN, and moved our servers behind a load balancer, ratifying out profiles down to a single user and device tunnel. We found that deleting the old connections from Settings still left a bunch of stuff in the registry, so I came up with … Read more

Always on VPN – RAS service hangs with no errors in Event log

We hit a new issue this week, we were getting failed connections on our Always-on VPN RAS servers, and on checking the servers, it appeared the ras service had hung. No errors in the logs, existing clients dropped off and we couldn’t restart the service, a reboot was the only option. We tracked this down … Read more

Removing Always On VPN Tunnels

Recently, we were in a situation where we needed to remove some left over Always-on VPN user tunnels from a lot of Windows 10 machines. (We had duplicate profiles, and this was a tidy up exercise) The following scripts address this issue, it gets a list of all the VPN connections and then removes all … Read more

Robocopy – Throttle bandwidth

Ever thought how useful it would be to be able to throttle Robocopy to prevent it from hogging all your bandwidth when copying over a network, particularly a slow one? Well you can, using the /IPG (Inter packet Gap) command line option. Simply enter the values for your available bandwidth and how much of this … Read more