Raspberry Pi – as a web server Part 1 (Apache)

Today I decided it would be pretty cool if I could use my Raspberry Pi as a development web server – I develop quite a few sites, mainly using Joomla or WordPress, which require PHP and MYSQL.

Im going to break this down into 4 sections:

Install Apache

Install PHP

Install MYSQL

Install PHP My Admin


Apache is recognised as one of the leading web servers available, and is used the world over by countless web hosts.

To install this, lets open up LXTerminal and type

sudo bash

This will give us elevated rights..

Next, you need to make a note of your IP address..

ifconfig -a

Next we create a user and group that Apache requires to start, if you don not create these, Apache may fail to start. (Note, the group may already be created if you are using the Debian ‘Wheezy’ image)

groupadd www-data
usermod -a -G www-data www-data

Next we will update our repositories:

apt-get update

Once completed, we can install apache:

apt-get install apache2

Once installed, you can test by pointing your browser at http://youripaddress or if you are in midori on the Raspberry Pi, http://localhost



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