Post an image from a URL to a Teams Chat/Channel

Now I work for a company where timesheets are mandatory, and it’s become a repetitive chore chasing everyone to remind them to make sure their timesheets are up to date every Friday! So being a fan of all things M365 and automation, I decided to automate this task with a simple Power Automate flow! We …

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Node Red flow for Motion activated lights

In my house, I have two motion sensors, one at the bottom of the stairs, and one at the top. These sensors are motion only, and don’t report on LUX levels.

I wanted an automation that depending on the time of the day would turn them on to a preset brightness level, wait until there was no motion then turn them off.

Calculating E-Steps

At some point, you may find your printer is over or under extruding material. Having your extruder properly calibrated is essential for getting the best print quality. There are two steps to calibrating the extruder – tuning your extruder steps/mm value in the firmware, and tuning the extrusion width/extrusion multiplier. It is important to do …

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