Office 365 – Report on Shared Mailboxes

A quick one-liner, which pulls back a list of shared mailboxes, last logon time, size in MB and item count. Connect to your EXO with connect-exchangeonline then run the below (This can take a while of you have a large amount of shared mailboxes) Get-Mailbox -RecipientTypeDetails SharedMailbox -ResultSize:Unlimited | get-mailboxstatistics | select displayname,lastlogon*,@{name=”TotalItemSize (MB)”; expression={[math]::Round(($_.TotalItemSize.ToString().Split(“(“)[1].Split(” … Read more

O365 Shared Mailbox sent items

By default, when “sending as” a shared mailbox, the sent items go into the users sent items folder. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change this to be the shared mailbox, but it is possible to put a copy in the shared mailbox’s sent items folder. The below script will enable this for all shared … Read more

O365 Shared Mailboxes – sent items go into users folder

The default behaviour for items sent from a shared mailbox is to go into the users sent items. We had a requirement to save a copy in the shared mailbox sent items folder. this script modifies the mailbox so that email sent either “on behalf” or “as” the mailbox get copied into the shared mailbox’s … Read more

Show meeting details for an Office 365 Room calendar

The default behavior in Office 365 is to only show meetings in room calendars as ‘busy’ – sometimes you want people to be able to see the details. This is easily changed through a couple of lines of PowerShell. This is caused by the permissions on the ‘default’ user. Let’s look at the permissions – … Read more