Remove Secondary Admins from Onedrive

The script below can be used to remove secondary admins from or add secondary admins to, Onedrive for Business sites.

Ideally, you need to be either a global admin or SharePoint admin to run this, and you will need the SharePoint PowerShell module installed.

This will run for ALL Onedrive sites in your organisation.

###Script written by jimmy white.
###Add or remove? add = $true, remove = $false
$addorremove = $false 
###Change Tenant name below
Connect-SPOService -url ""

#change the person you want to remove, comma sepearted and in quotes:
$secadmins = @("us***@YO*******.ORG","us***@YO*******.ORG")

#Dont change anything below this line!

$start = Get-Date
[nullable[double]]$secondsRemaining = $null
$users = Get-SPOSite -IncludePersonalSite $true -Limit all -Filter "Url -like ''" | select Url
$progress = 1
foreach ($user in $users){
                $percentComplete  = [math]::Round((100/$users.count) * $progress,2)
                $progressParameters = @{
                    Activity = "Working on sites [$($progress)/$($users.Count)] $($secondsElapsed.ToString('hh\:mm\:ss'))"
                    Status = 'Processing'
                    CurrentOperation = "Removing permissions from " + $user.url
                    PercentComplete = $percentComplete
                    if ($secondsRemaining) {
                    $progressParameters.SecondsRemaining = $secondsRemaining
                Write-Progress  @progressParameters
                $site= $user.'Url'
                foreach($secadmin in $secadmins){
                    Set-SPOUser -Site $site -LoginName $secadmin -IsSiteCollectionAdmin $addorremove
                    write-host "OneDrive Admin Access for $secadmin removed from $site"
                $secondsElapsed = (Get-Date) – $start
                $secondsRemaining = ($secondsElapsed.TotalSeconds / $progress) * ($users.Count – $progress)

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